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OD Continuing Education

2017 Schedule

January 8, 2017: Continuing Education at Receptions, Loveland, OH

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Grand Rounds

If you are interested in obtaining Grand Round Continuing Education credits, please contact Julie Flick at 513-569-3796 or Debbie Reeder at 513-569-3761 to make arrangements. Once made, you will be faxed a form to be completed and signed by the MD /OD you are observing. Then fax the form to Julie or Debbie. Once received, a certificate of participation will be mailed. Please consult your local governing Optometry Board for specific rules that apply to your state.

Contact Your Professional Relations Coordinators:

OD Continuing Education Presentations:

"Dry Eye Management DX - 2015"
-William J. Faulkner, MD - March 2015

"Getting Read for ICD-10"
-Dianna Hoskins, OCS - March 2015

"Management of Corneal Disease and Cataracts"
- Edward J. Holland, MD - May 2014

"Common Ophthalmologic Urgencies and Emergencies"
- Jason H. Bell, MD, PhD, FACS

"Management of Infectious Keratitis"
- Michael A. Hater, MD - June 2, 2010

"Current & Future Surgical Glaucoma Care"
- Brian K. Kuhlman, OD

"Unhappy Multifocal IOL Patient: What Now?"
- Emily Shull, OD

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