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Anterior Segment Reconstruction

Physicians with specialized training in Anterior Segment Reconstruction treat conditions, diseases and ocular trauma to the anterior chamber area of the eye. CEI surgeons have extensive experience in the medical and surgical management of standard and complex cases. They have earned national recognition for their work in the research and development of innovative techniques and instrumentation, setting the standard of care around the world in this specialty field of eye care.

Anterior segment reconstruction describes a group of techniques used to repair a defective or damaged pupil or iris or a patient with Aniridia (the absence of iris tissue). This also can include simultaneous corneal transplantation and/or cataract surgery. Usually, patients that require anterior segment reconstruction have suffered from a severe eye injury, infection, or inflammation.

Anterior segment reconstruction may then involve procedures such as stripping of corneal pannus, removal of lens and vitreous remnants, iris and angle reconstruction, intraocular lens implantation, implantation of an artificial iris and/or penetrating keratoplasty.

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