The Hearing Services at CEI celebrates its 4,000th hearing aid fitting

  • Posted on: Nov 8 2018
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It’s hard to believe that the CEI’s Hearing Services has been a part of our organization for nearly a decade and now they have another reason to celebrate—their 4,000th hearing aid fitting. This is quite an accomplishment since we have done more than twice as many hearing aids as the average hearing services practice.

“When we first started from scratch with zero patients and just myself we weren’t quite sure what goals to set or what to expect,” said John Robison, CEI’s Director of Hearing Services. “At the same time, we were trying to innovate an entirely new process from start to finish from the patients first visit and develop a lifetime relationship for their hearing needs.”

Robison, a state-licensed hearing aid specialist, has been a part of the program since the beginning. He’s worked for larger companies in many roles—including seeing patients, management, training, and consulting for other practices. It was during those times he saw many things he felt could be don better including helping more people get hearing aids.

“My favorite part is when patients tell me all about things they have heard for the first time in years, like the crickets and birds outside,” he said. “I love when they tell me that hearing aids have changed their life. It’s humbling and rewarding, and I feel blessed and lucky to have this opportunity.”

Robison credits Linda Rusche as the “glue” that holds CEI’s hearing center together. As the hearing services coordinator, she is the first point of contact for patients, many of whom are reluctant to admit they need hearing aids. “I love interacting with the patients and seeing their faces for the first time when they walk out with their new hearing aids and are hearing things for the first time in many years,” Rusche said.

“It’s been exciting and rewarding to grow it from nothing to what it is today,” said Robison. “We look forward to continuing to grow in the future.”

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