iLasik Treatment for Improving Vision

  • Posted on: Oct 15 2019
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At Cincinnati Eye Institute, our doctors believe in using today’s technology for tomorrow’s eye health. If you are frustrated with the daily use of contacts and eyeglasses to see your best, you may want to take the time to learn about the benefits of the iLasik treatment.

What is iLasik?

The iLasik treatment offers a technologically advanced approach to treating patients with less-than-perfect vision. iLasik works by creating an eye “map” that analyzes the imperfections of the cornea and corrects problems that may otherwise go undetected by a physical examination. This is because the mapping process is 25x more precise than traditional measurements.

Once the eye has been mapped to target the problem areas, the specialized Femtosecond Laser, created using innovative IntraLase® technology, creates a flap to prepare the cornea for treatment. The Excimer Laser is then used to reshape the cornea to ensure proper curvature. The created flap is returned in place and the treatment is complete.

What are the benefits of iLasik treatment?

  • Advanced technology. iLasik employs today’s most advanced technologies which allow patients to undergo treatment with clear, expected results.
  • Precision. Lasers can be used for optimum precision, providing better results than traditional procedures used for vision enhancement in other eyecare facilities.
  • Utmost safety and effectiveness. Our team of professionals only want to provide safe solutions for patients interested in improving their vision. We focus on following specific protocols to ensure safety and reduce the risk of complications.
  • Affordable. Improving one’s eyesight doesn’t have to be expensive. This treatment is affordable for many of our patients, and our front office team is pleased to offer flexible payment plans. These allow our patients to take advantage of the effective treatment options available at Cincinnati Eye Institute and achieve better vision and eye health than ever before!

Are you ready to take charge of your eyesight and enjoy clearer vision without contacts or eyeglasses?

If you live in the area of Cincinnati, Ohio and are interested in learning more about iLasik treatment, we encourage you to book an appointment at Cincinnati Eye Institute. We have 11 convenient locations in the area and are always accepting new patients. Call (800) 544-5133 today to book your visit!

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