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Congratulations to CEI employees on their service anniversaries

A big congratulations to our CEI employees who celebrated their service anniversaries this year!



35 years

Dr. Stuart Anness

30 years

Dr. Richard Roebuck, Rebecca Mao, Jean Fischer, David Weymouth, Susan Gabbard, Cynthia Ollier

25 years

Darlene Casbar, Lois Edwards, Dr. Michael Petersen

20 years

Dr. Robert Foster, Catherine Allen, Dianna Hoskins, Dr. Michael Snyder, Heather Smith, Wendy Phiester, Kelli O'Reilly, Dr. Ramesh Kode, Teri Knight, Dr. Jenny Hamilton, Karen Combs

15 years

Patti Redmond, Philip Steinway, Gina Nordwick, Jennifer Turner, Carol Goebel, Linda Roberts, Wendy Weaver, Todd Albertz, Lee Reed, Kathy Geoppinger, Teresa Mistler, Karen Cable

10 years

Shannon Beemer, Shelli Rowland, Deborah Blandford, Karen Goodwin, Anna Conley, Amy Dangel, Joyce Greber, Emily Barbour, Kim Musselman, Marianne Green, Kathy Rottenberger, Brandi Elder, Carla Bley, Kelsi Dwyer, Gregory Kritzer, Amanda Stapleton, Kristen Toles, Melodie Schlanser, Brad Ruble, Dr. Emily Shull, Susan Kern, Gail Eng, Lisa Riley, Elizabeth Tessler

5 years

Alexandra Wallace, Judy Fette, Linda Bell, Gloria Philhower, Stephanie Smyth, Amanda Perriman, Stacy Wagner, Heather Binoeder, Rachel Whitacre, Tammy Grubenhoff, Katina Welch, Mary Davis, Dana McMahan, Doug Frontz, Candace Lancaster, Jessica Ellis, Michelle Zernich Ball, Amber Havlin, Alexandria Whittamore, Cheryl Meece, Jennifer Larkins, Brooke Flint, Terri Noftsger, Kamika Byrd, Heather Denny, Jessica Sinclair, Christopher Comberger, Jaye Ford, Tiffany Nickell, Cathleen Lamping, Matthew Slaven

Today we celebrated more than 50 employees who have been part of the CEI family between 5 to 35 years! Thank you for your service to our patients! Here's a list:

Posted by Cincinnati Eye Institute on Thursday, September 14, 2017

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