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The Top Specialists at Cincinnati Eye Institute
are #1 in the region for Cataract Surgery

What Are Cataracts?

A cataract is a painless clouding of the eye’s natural lens that is caused by a buildup of protein. Each year, cataracts, affect millions of people, including more than half of all Americans aged over 60.

The Top 5 Symptoms of Cataracts

Blurred, hazy or double vision

Decreased color perception

Sensitivity to bright light

Poor night vision

Perception of halos around lights

The Good News

Cataracts can be tested for and surgically treated so you can see clearly again.

Why Choose CEI?

Top Specialists

CEI’s award winning doctors are
the top specialists in the region.

The Latest Technology

We use state-of-the-art
cataract technology.

Compassionate Care

We are top-rated in the region.

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“The Doctors at Cincinnati Eye Institute Saved my Career”

— Hal McCoy, Hall of Fame Baseball Writer

“From the very first interaction, the staff at CEI made me feel comfortable. Thank you for such a good experience!”

— Bernice

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