J. Caroll

  • Posted on: Jun 22 2017
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I just wanted to share my experience at The Hearing Services at CEI. I knew I was not hearing well before I came in. After having the test it confirmed that I did have a loss of hearing.

I decided I would try the small hearing aids that you can’t see in your ears. I truly couldn’t believe the difference. On the way home my husband had to turn the radio in the car down because it was way too loud.

Even at home, I hear things I had never heard before like the air-conditioning running, and birds. I hear better on the telephone too. I work at a bank. Employees I work with couldn’t believe the difference it made in me.

I wish I had not waited so long be get hearing aids. I wear them approximately 12 hours a day and don’t even know I have them in. I have even gone to bed and had to get up and take them out. They are so comfortable that I barely know they are in my ears.

Thanks for giving me back my hearing.

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