About CEI

For more than 70 years, Cincinnati Eye Institute has been serving the community with world-class eye care.

Committed to Compassionate Patient Care

We treat more complex and more routine conditions than any other facility or hospital. We also have an Urgent Eye Clinic for emergency care.

Our internationally recognized team of doctors are leaders in vision research. We also invest heavily in the latest technology. Our goal is to pave the way for tomorrow’s eye care and bring it to our patients today.

CEI doctors

Come in and experience the CEI difference. Seeing is believing.

Expanding our Services

Our commitment to excellence has led us to expand our services.

The Hearing Services at CEI’s Blue Ash location brings you the same quality of care we are known for to another important sense in your life…hearing.

The Face & Eye Aesthetic Center offers patients the finest skin care products, treatments and surgical procedures.

The Urgent Eye Clinic at CEI allows patients to see an ophthalmologist in emergency situations. Just call for an immediate appointment.

A History of Excellence

CEI was founded in 1945 by Morris Osher, M.D., whose son, Robert H. Osher, M.D., helped grow the practice into a world-class center of ophthalmic care. Today, a Board of Directors composed of physicians and executives governs CEI.

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