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World Sight Day raises awareness of vision problems

World Sight Day is an annual day of awareness to focus global attention on blindness and vision impairment. It is coordinated by the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness under the Vision 2020 Global Initiative and supported by eye health organizations around the world.

About 285 million people around the world live with low vision and blindness, including an estimated 19 million children. Eighty percent of visual impairment is avoidable or treatable.

Several of our Cincinnati Eye Institute doctors travel to other parts of the world with ORBIS Flying Eye Hospital to teach other countries’ doctors new surgical procedures related to ophthalmic surgery. Here is a photo of Dr. Jeffrey Nerad teaching aboard the ORBIS Flying Eye Hospital.

On this World Sight Day, make your vision count! Make an appointment to see your eye care provider to keep your eyes healthy or catch any problems early.

Symposium for ophthalmic technicians and nurses to be held September 30

The CEI Foundation Symposium for Ophthalmic Technicians & Nurses will be held on Saturday, September 30 from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. at the CEI Blue Ash campus. To register: Contact Amy Jost at

Title: Updates in Cornea Treatments and Surgery                                                                       8:30-9:20am

Presenter: Michael L. Nordlund, MD, PhD

Description: This course will update attendees on the latest corneal surgical procedures being performed today. Discussions will include the differences in various cornea transplant techniques. The benefits of corneal cross-linking and Intacs will also be reviewed.  Indications for these procedures as well as decision making about who are good candidates and the timing of intervention will be touched upon.


  1. Be able to explain the procedural differences between DMEK, DSEK, DSAEK, DALK and PK.
  2. Understand the benefits and utility of collagen cross-linking and Intacs.
  3. Understand the indications, advantages and disadvantages of each surgery type.


Title: Complications of Cataract Surgery: Prevention, Treatment, and Prognosis    9:25-10:15am

Presenter: Hisham Arar, MD

Description: Dr. Arar will identify a variety of complications that may occur during or after cataract surgery.  He will identify ways to reduce risks and how to address the complications.  Furthermore, he will elaborate on the prognosis of various complications.



  1. Identify common and some uncommon cataract complications
  2. List ways of reducing risks and preventing complications
  3. Review ways of addressing the complications
  4. Outline typical prognosis and sequelae following these complications


Title: Severe Oculoplastic Reconstruction                                                                                      10:30-11:20am

Presenter: Jeffrey Nerad, MD


This course will discuss various oculoplastic reconstruction cases, focusing on chemical and thermal injuries, as well as Stevens-Johnson Syndrome and other severe cases.  Dr Nerad will share multiple examples of the evaluation of orbital and eyelid trauma.  Attendees will gain knowledge about treatment options for patients with various oculoplastic injuries and conditions.



  1. Review orbital anatomy as it pertains to trauma.
  2. Describe several severe oculoplastic cases requiring reconstruction of the lids and orbit.
  3. Identify treatment options for these same conditions.







Title: Updates on Subretinal Cell Therapy                                                                        11:25am-12:15pm

Presenter: Christopher Riemann, MD


Dr Riemann will discuss how gene therapy and stem cell transplantations have become promising therapeutic tools for treating blindness resulting from retinal degenerative diseases.  He will discuss the encouraging results of autologous transplantation for age-related macular degeneration (AMD) that have resulted to date   and human clinical trials have begun for other forms of gene and stem cell therapies.



  1. Review and define subretinal cell therapy methods
  2. Identify retinal conditions well suited to gene therapy and stem cell transplantation
  3. Describe successful treatment examples to date


Title: Diagnostic Refractions Tips and Tricks                                                                 12:45-1:35pm

Presenter: Daniele Salterelli, OD

Description: This course will review refractive errors and describe anatomically and optically what is happening to the light being refracted into the eye.  Dr Salterelli will share several of his useful tips and tricks for refractometry to improve efficiencies and decrease time spent on difficult refractions.



  1. Identify common refractive errors
  2. List tips for performing refractometry more efficiently
  3. Compare and contrast refractometry performed as a diagnostic test vs. refractive error correction
  4. Describe various methods for addressing challenging refractions


Title: Importance of Pupil Assessment: Perilous Pupil Problems                       1:45-2:35pm

Presenter: Karl Golnik, MD

Description: Pupil assessment is a crucial component of the eye examination. Anisocoria may indicate life-threatening conditions such as carotid artery dissection, brain tumor and cerebral aneurysm. A relative afferent pupillary defect may be the only sign of serious neurologic conditions such as multiple sclerosis and giant cell arteritis. Once the pupils are pharmacologically dilated these crucial pupillary findings can no longer be assessed. This lecture will cover common causes of anisocoria and relative afferent pupillary defect using case presentations and video examples.


  1. List at least 3 causes of anisocoria
  2. More accurately detect a relative afferent pupillary defect
  3. Explain why missing important pupillary findings can have serious neurologic and/or visual consequences.




Cincinnati Eye Institute named ‘Healthiest Employer’

Cincinnati Eye Institute (CEI) has been recognized as one of the top 100 'Healthiest Employers' in American, in a new ranking.

CEI ranked No. 85 according to Healthiest Employers, LLC, which evaluates corporate wellness programs. Other Cincinnati-based companies that made the list include The Kroger Co. (No. 38), TriHealth (No. 67), and Mercy Health (No. 74).

CEI has been honored for its commitment to employee health with exceptional corporate wellness programming. Award applicants were evaluated across six key categories: Culture and Leadership, Foundational Components, Strategic Planning, Communication and Marketing, Programming and Interventions, and Reporting and Analysis.

CEI developed Working on Wellness (WOW) program that raises awareness and offers rewards when employees engage in a variety of health activities. These include health screenings, volunteering with service projects, nutrition and fitness activities, and financial wellness meetings. In addition, CEI also sponsors several 5k events and encourages employee participation. Recognizing the importance of a healthy workforce, CEI also includes health-related activities in its company-wide bonus program.

“Since the development of our WOW program, we have been rewarded with a ‘zero-to-low’ single-digit premium increases,” said Karen Maxwell, VP of Human Resources at CEI. “We are seeing these efforts in our reduced premiums and healthier, happier employees.”


Congratulations to CEI employees on their service anniversaries

A big congratulations to our CEI employees who celebrated their service anniversaries this year!



35 years

Dr. Stuart Anness

30 years

Dr. Richard Roebuck, Rebecca Mao, Jean Fischer, David Weymouth, Susan Gabbard, Cynthia Ollier

25 years

Darlene Casbar, Lois Edwards, Dr. Michael Petersen

20 years

Dr. Robert Foster, Catherine Allen, Dianna Hoskins, Dr. Michael Snyder, Heather Smith, Wendy Phiester, Kelli O'Reilly, Dr. Ramesh Kode, Teri Knight, Dr. Jenny Hamilton, Karen Combs

15 years

Patti Redmond, Philip Steinway, Gina Nordwick, Jennifer Turner, Carol Goebel, Linda Roberts, Wendy Weaver, Todd Albertz, Lee Reed, Kathy Geoppinger, Teresa Mistler, Karen Cable

10 years

Shannon Beemer, Shelli Rowland, Deborah Blandford, Karen Goodwin, Anna Conley, Amy Dangel, Joyce Greber, Emily Barbour, Kim Musselman, Marianne Green, Kathy Rottenberger, Brandi Elder, Carla Bley, Kelsi Dwyer, Gregory Kritzer, Amanda Stapleton, Kristen Toles, Melodie Schlanser, Brad Ruble, Dr. Emily Shull, Susan Kern, Gail Eng, Lisa Riley, Elizabeth Tessler

5 years

Alexandra Wallace, Judy Fette, Linda Bell, Gloria Philhower, Stephanie Smyth, Amanda Perriman, Stacy Wagner, Heather Binoeder, Rachel Whitacre, Tammy Grubenhoff, Katina Welch, Mary Davis, Dana McMahan, Doug Frontz, Candace Lancaster, Jessica Ellis, Michelle Zernich Ball, Amber Havlin, Alexandria Whittamore, Cheryl Meece, Jennifer Larkins, Brooke Flint, Terri Noftsger, Kamika Byrd, Heather Denny, Jessica Sinclair, Christopher Comberger, Jaye Ford, Tiffany Nickell, Cathleen Lamping, Matthew Slaven

Today we celebrated more than 50 employees who have been part of the CEI family between 5 to 35 years! Thank you for your service to our patients! Here's a list:

Posted by Cincinnati Eye Institute on Thursday, September 14, 2017

Local 12's news story on Pray for Phoenix with Dr. Edward Holland



Cincinnati Eye Institute expands services to Middletown with new surgery center

Cincinnati Eye Institute (CEI) will open its second ambulatory surgery center in mid-September, marking the first time retina surgery services will be available to patients in Middletown.

The new CEI Middletown Surgery Center, located at 5950 Innovation Drive at the Bidwell Center, is next to the new CEI clinical offices which opened in November 2016 near the campus of Atrium Medical Center. The facility features three operating rooms, 14 pre- and post-surgical bays, at-the-door parking, private discharge, and additional space to accommodate future growth. The full range of ophthalmic surgical services will be available at the new surgery center including cataract, glaucoma, cornea, oculoplastic, and retina surgery. This represents the first time that retina surgery will be performed in the Middletown area.

"This was an ideal opportunity to expand our services to allow Middletown-area patients to have eye surgery closer to their homes,” said Todd Albertz, VP of Surgical Services at CEI. “Investing in additional operating rooms means a shorter wait for patients to have their surgeries, and more convenient access for their families.”

"We are excited to be expanding our capabilities and availability for ophthalmic surgery to patients in the Middletown area,” said Daniel Miller, M.D., Ph.D., Chief Medical Officer at CEI. “CEI has a long history of providing ophthalmology care in Middletown. With our expanded clinical office and new surgery center, we will be able to meet the needs for the growing patient population along the I-75 corridor.”

CEI's specialists mainly perform surgery at the Ambulatory Surgery Center at its Blue Ash campus, along with doing surgeries at various hospitals throughout the Greater Cincinnati area. CEI physicians who will perform surgeries in the new Middletown location include:

·         Dr. Robert Goulet (glaucoma and cataract specialist)

·         Dr. Ginger Henson (ophthalmic plastic reconstructive specialist)

·         Dr. Daniel Miller (retina specialist)

·         Dr. Michael Nordlund (cornea specialist)

·         Dr. Gary Varley (cornea and refractive surgical specialist)

Patients can schedule appointments through the main number at (513) 984-5133 or (800) 544-5133. For directions and more information, visit


CEI staff learn about low-vision services from CABVI to help patients

The professionals from the Cincinnati Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired (CABVI) came to the Blue Ash campus on August 31 to educate the CEI staff on the variety of services and devices they offer, including low vision aids and social work services.

The CABVI staff explained their services, their funding, and how they are able to help those even without insurance coverage, their social work services, and how CEI can help by providing important and relevant information, such as referral letters and exam forms.

Volunteers are needed in a number of ways, including helping with their radio reading program, where volunteers read newspaper paper articles, magazines, and other printed material.

For more information, visit

(Image is CEI's Dani Ausdal modeling the magnifier glasses.)

"Do Cataracts or Glaucoma Run in Your Family?" Dr. Edward Holland gives talk on 9/20

Dr. Edward Holland, director of cornea services, will give a talk about glaucoma and cataracts on Wednesday, September 20 from 6-7 p.m. at St. Elizabeth Florence in the lower level conference room.

Dr. Holland will explain the symptoms, diagnosis and treatments for these eye conditions.

You can reserve a spot by calling (859) 301-5999.


Happy Retirement, Dr. Sands!

Dr. Joshua Sands, an ophthalmologist specializing in cataract surgery, is retiring from years of serving people in the Cincinnati region and beyond. During his years, Dr. Sands also served on medical missions to the Dominican Republic and Honduras. His dedication to his patients was one of the many factors why he was recognized as a "Top Doctor" in Cincinnati.

Today was Dr. Sands' last surgery at CEI before his retirement, so staff threw him a little party complete with a...

Posted by Cincinnati Eye Institute on Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Dr. Steve Christiansen talks about importance of safe eclipse viewing


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