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Digital Eye Strain: Take Breaks From Screen Time to Save Sight

CINCINNATI (Liz Bonis) - A report just released from The Vision Council has a warning about how much time you spend on your smart phone, computer or tablet.

Upload: May 19, 2016

Digital Eye Strain

Betsy Behne comes in to see her optometrist, Doctor Brian Kuhlman, at least once a year. She had surgery at age eight to repair the retina of one of her eyes, which could have destroyed her vision.

"They had to cover both eyes with patches, so I know what it's like to be completely blind and I don't want to lose what I have," she said.

According to the new report many people could be at risk for losing some sight for another reason, one Betsy also knows all too well, "I have an iPhone, iPad and a laptop, and at work I work on the desk top."

The problem is too much screen time. For most people it's at least two hours a day on one device, for many its the use of multiple devices at one time. This has already led to nearly 7 in 10 adults reporting symptoms of what's now called digital eye strain.

"So when you're working on both a tablet or a screen, our eye muscles have to focus the entire time and just like any muscle in our body, our eyes get fatigued," said Dr. Kuhlman.

It's not exactly clear yet what is contributing to the digital eye strain. It could be that a person's blink rate changes which could lead to drier eyes. In addition to that, there's some question about the actual light that's coming from the screen.

"Probably the biggest question is about blue light, there is a lot of thought that blue wavelength light, emitted from our tablets, computers and phones, can increase the risk of macular degeneration," said Dr. Kuhlan.

Macular degeneration makes people lose focus from the center of their eye out. So to stop digital eye strain a general rule is called the 20/20/20 rule; for every 20 minutes a person is working they take a 20 second break, looking at something 20 feet away. That's extra important if people already notice early warning signs of eye strain, which include headaches, dry eyes or eye fatigue. That's a break three times an hour.

Congratulations CEI - Winner Healthiest Employer Award!

The Business Courier recognized the winners of this year's Healthiest Employers Awards at a breakfast event on Tuesday at Xavier University's Cintas Center.

The awards honor companies that are dedicated to inspiring health and wellness in the workplace. Six winners were chosen from 29 finalists in five size categories.

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Employees Volunteer at Fall Feast

Many Cincinnati Eye Institute employees will spend Thanksgiving volunteering at "Fall Feast" which is an annual, volunteer-run event with the purpose of providing a fresh Thanksgiving meal to the Cincinnati community. Employees and their families will provide free eye exams to the homeless and under served as they volunteer with The Cincinnati Eye Institute Foundation, hand out free coats, and serve food. Go to to learn more.

Hamilton Office Expands

We are pleased to inform you that effective October 16, 2014, Dr. James M. Osher will begin seeing patients at Cincinnati Eye Institute’s Hamilton office.  Effective October 3, 2014, CEI’s Fairfield office has closed.

The Hamilton office has undergone extensive renovation to accommodate Dr. Osher and his retinal patients as we move his practice out of the Fairfield Office and close this location.

Dr. Osher joins Dr. Richard R. Roebuck at this location where Dr. Roebuck sees patients for Cataracts and Comprehensive Ophthalmology

The CEI Hamilton office is located at 213 Dayton Street, Hamilton, Ohio 45011. The Hamilton office can be reached by calling 513-984-5133 or 800-544-5133 to schedule an appointment.

Stewart Krug, MD Retires

After a long and distinguished career as a vitreoretinal surgeon, Dr. Stewart Krug retired from clinical practice effective August 1, 2014. Congratulations Dr. Krug!

Why patients from all over the world flock to Edgewood KY for sight-restoring

Dr. Edward J. Holland is featured an article in St. Elizabeth's Hospital Summer newsletter "Health Neighbors" in a story on sight-restoring ocular surface stem cell transplant.  St. E's is the only place in the world he performs it. Click here to read the article.

Dr. Greg Mecoli Joins CEI August 1, 2014

 We are pleased to announce that Gregory B. Mecoli, MD will be joining CEI’s outstanding staff of physicians August 1, 2014.

Dr. Mecoli will join our Urgent Eye Clinic at Blue Ash and see patients at the Maineville Office and in Clifton at the MAB. He was born and raised in Dayton, Ohio and attended The Miami Valley High School. He graduated magna cum laude from Denison University where he received a Bachelor of Science degree in biochemistry. He then earned his medical degree from the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine.  After an internship year in internal medicine at The Christ Hospital, he returned to University of Cincinnati where he completed a Residency in Ophthalmology, serving as Chief Resident in his final year. 

Please welcome Dr. Mecoli to the CEI family!

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