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The eye doctors and research staff at Cincinnati Eye Institute have been conducting clinical research for more than 35 years and have participated in over 300 research studies. Our goal is to pave the way for tomorrow’s eye care and bring it to our patients today.

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Cincinnati Eye Institute is always participating in numerous studies for adults. Most commonly our clinical research studies are for dry eyes, glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, diabetes, iris defects, and ocular histoplasmosis. If you have questions about any of our currently enrolling studies, please contact the Clinical Research department by calling 513-569-3688 or email at

How Does Clinical Research Help Our Patients?

Thousands of patients with eye problems come to CEI each week to find leading-edge solutions to their eye care needs. In addition to patients from Ohio and Northern Kentucky, we see patients who travel from all over the nation to see our eye care experts. Our participation in clinical research allows us to offer patients the most advanced treatment options possible.

Staying on the Leading Edge of Eye Care Research

Our on-going commitment to physician-controlled eye care research enables us:

What Type of Clinical Research Happens at Cincinnati Eye Institute?

Our doctors are always seeking solutions for eye conditions and vision issues and our research spans across a range of specialties. Clinical studies at Cincinnati Eye Institute all follow stringent national and international standards and are undertaken under the auspices of independent (unaffiliated) Institutional Review Boards. Examples of research topics include:

New and Innovative Ocular Medications

Novel Surgical Procedures, Devices, and Intraocular Implants

Revolutionary Research on Common and Rare Eye Disease

Contact Cincinnati Eye Institute

Do you have questions about ongoing clinical research at Cincinnati Eye Institute? We are happy to answer any questions and discuss available clinical trials. Contact the Clinical Research department by calling 513-569-3688 or email at

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