Fourth of July safety tips for your eyes

  • Posted on: Jul 3 2018
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Fourth of July means backyard barbecues, being at the pool or a parade, and fireworks. Stay safe this holiday by remembering these safety tips.
  • It’s best to leave fireworks to professionals, but if you are having a backyard display remember to wear protective eyewear when lighting fireworks.
  • Supervise children
  • Don’t pick up duds and misfires
  • Keep a safe distance from the fireworks

Sun protection

  • It’s UV Awareness Month and a reminder to wear sunglasses if you are outside!
  • Sunscreen is also a must, even on cloudy days


  • Remember to light the grill at a safe distance
  • Keep your grill in an open area; never put your grill indoors

If you injure your eyes

  • Seek medical attention immediately and call 911
  • Do not rub the eye. Rubbing may make the injury worse
  • Do not attempt to rinse the eye
  • Do not apply pressure to the eye
  • Do not remove objects from the eye
  • Do not apply ointments or take pain medications before seeking medical help

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