When Should an Individual Have Cataract Surgery?

  • Posted on: Jul 15 2019
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Cataracts Batavia, OHWhen patients have been diagnosed with a cataract, they may be aware that surgical intervention is actually the one and only treatment available for this condition. No medication or eye drops have been developed that can either prevent or reverse cataract formation. In the earlier stages, if the condition impacts a patient’s prescription or is causing them to become nearsighted, a change in their eyeglasses can assist. But the removal of the natural lens via surgery is the only way to fix the problem in a more permanent manner.

When should a patient remove a cataract via surgery?

The doctors at Cincinnati Eye Institute do not recommend removal of a cataract just because it has developed. In fact, many patients can go about their daily activities of living without any interference from a cataract, as they don’t always cause blurred vision or make it difficult for patients to enjoy their favorite activities. However, when they become worse and DO impact one’s overall quality of life, impacting their day-to-day activities such as driving and reading, surgery should be considered.

Should I have both cataracts removed at the same time?

Patients with cataracts in both eyes should not have the surgeries done together. This is because of the risk of complications that can affect both eyes, and the increased risk of infection impacting both. Instead, patients with cataracts in each eye will have their surgeries performed separately a few weeks apart.

Prior to having surgery, should the cataract be fully developed?

It is not necessary for a cataract to be at a specific stage of advancement before surgery is considered. While it is true that a cataract can harden as it continues to develop, making it harder to remove, this shouldn’t change the reason for a patient to have the surgery performed. Instead, patients should wait until their eyesight is greatly impacted by the cataract before considering surgery, especially if the symptoms of the cataract are minor or not affecting one’s daily living habits.

Is it time for cataract surgery?

Contact one of the providers at Cincinnati Eye Institute to determine if it is time to move forward with surgical removal of cataracts. Our team has 11 convenient locations in and around the area of Cincinnati, Ohio, and our experienced professionals can assist with a wide range of vision and eye health needs. We encourage new and existing patients to book an appointment with our staff by contacting us at 1-800-544-5133 today!

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