What Causes Cataracts?

  • Posted on: Aug 15 2019
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Cataracts Batavia, OHWhen patients are experiencing clouding and fogging within their field of vision, they will want to be seen by an eye doctor in the area of Cincinnati, Ohio. At Cincinnati Eye Institute, our experienced professionals can determine if a patient experiencing these issues is developing a concern known as cataracts.

What are cataracts?

Cataracts is a specific eye condition that can develop and result in cloudy or white patches in the lens of the eye. This can cause the eye to appear opaque and can make it more difficult for patients to see clearly and properly. While the condition is common, many patients are unsure how it develops. There are many risk factors that can help in predicting the chances of being diagnosed with cataracts.
<21>What causes cataracts?

Several conditions or factors may contribute to the development of cataracts. Some of the more common causes include:

  • Age – the most common type of cataract is caused by age. Over the years, the proteins found in the lens of the eye can change, resulting in the development of cloudy patches. It is believed through scientific research that this occurs due to the way in which fluids and nutrients reach the eye and their ability altered by the present proteins.
  • Family history – patients who have immediate family members with cataracts may be at a higher risk of developing them.
  • Radiation exposure – radiation exposure can cause an increase risk in the development of cataracts, especially for those who work outdoors for a living without wearing protective eye gear.
  • Diabetes – patients diagnosed with diabetes are twice as likely to develop cataracts than those who do not have the condition.
  • Congenital conditions – conditions such as Trisomy 18, Alport’s syndrome, and Turner’s syndrome can result in the development of cataracts in newborns.
  • Medications – pharmaceuticals that are taken for an extended period of time can also contribute to cataracts, especially long-term use of corticosteroids and the cholesterol-lowering medication known as ezetimibe.

Ready to speak to a professional about your cataracts?

Contact the team at Cincinnati Eye Institute today by calling 513-984-5133 for an appointment. Our professionals are committed to offering a variety of solutions that can assist with your eyesight, including surgical intervention for cataracts and other concerns. We have 11 locations conveniently spread throughout the area of Cincinnati, OH and welcome new patients and families seeking quality care for their eyes!

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