Reasons for Correcting Astigmatism While Undergoing Cataract Surgery

  • Posted on: Sep 15 2019
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The doctors of Cincinnati Eye Institute in Cincinnati, OH are available to help patients with their eye care needs. This includes treating cataracts. However, patients who have an astigmatism and are undergoing cataract surgery may ask if it is the proper time to correct their astigmatism.

Reasons why astigmatism correction is appropriate during cataract surgery

  • Refractive astigmatism increase. In many cases, patients may experience a worsening of their astigmatism following surgery.
  • Concerns with residual astigmatism. With the use of a multifocal lens, the contrast can be reduced unless comorbidities including dry eye or macular pathology are present. Astigmatism is the easiest comorbidities to improve with a simultaneous, simple procedure or the placement of a toric lens.
  • Correction of astigmatism improves long-term vision. Conditions such as maculopathy and dry eye can impact one’s visual acuity, so by correcting astigmatism during cataract surgery, patients can greatly reduce the risk of the astigmatism affecting their future vision.
  • The procedure is effective. Patients who undergo astigmatism surgery alongside their cataract surgery are very happy with the results. Both procedures are done at once, reducing overall recovery time when compared to doing the procedures separately.

How do I know if I have an astigmatism?

During an evaluation, patients may be told by their eye doctor that they have an astigmatism. They can be mild or severe, and affect one or both eyes. Patients without conditions such as cataracts are often not bothered by their astigmatism, even if they are contact wearers. However, if the condition worsens, it can impact visual acuity. Patients who have been diagnosed with cataracts and want to treat their astigmatism at the same time are encouraged to ask their doctor about combining the treatments and addressing both issues at once.

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