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Clinical Research Team

Clinical Research Steering Committee (CRSC):

A subset of CEI investigators from various sub-specialties along with several CEI administrators help guide and oversee the research studies ongoing at CEI and carefully scrutinize prospective studies prior to initiation. Upload: May 6, 2016The CRSC Members include:

If you have any questions or comments, please contact Amy Jost at 513-569-3688 or by email at

Clinical Research Investigators

a Trulign Toric Presbyopia Correcting IOL

A Trulign Toric Presbyopia Correcting IOL

Clinical Research Sub-Investigators

Imagining/Testing Certifications: 

ETDRS Vision Examiner Certification

CEI Specular Microscopy Current Certifications

  • CIARC (Corneal Image Analysis Reading Center)
  • Specular Solutions

CEI Retinal Photographers’ Current Certifications

  • DARC (Digital Angiography Reading Center)
  • DIRC (Doheny Image Reading Center) - Doheny Eye Institute
  • Duke Reading Center
  • UWFPRC - University of Wisconsin, Fundus Photograph Reading Center

Previous Certification with Reading Centers:

  • DOCTR - Digital OCT Reading Center, Cole Eye Institute
  • MEHRC (Moorefield Eye Hospital Reading Center) - UK
  • ONRC - Optic Nerve Research Center
  • REDIARC - Retinal Disease Image Analysis Reading Center, University Hospitals of Cleveland
  • Wilmer Eye Institute

CEI Ophthalmic Imaging and Diagnostic Testing

Present and Past Research Partners

The Cincinnati Eye Institute research team, partners with industry leaders in pharmaceutical and medical device research studies. CEI also collaborates with smaller or newer companies with innovative technologies. The investigators at CEI also participate in non-profit, nationally recognized research projects.

CEI has partnerships with the following industry leaders:

Contact the Research Department

For more information, please contact Amy Jost in the CEI Clinical Research Department via telephone at (513) 569-3688 or e-mail:  You may also write to us at: Cincinnati Eye Institute Research Department 1945 CEI Drive Cincinnati, OH 45242

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