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Research in vision and ophthalmology

Cincinnati Eye Institute (CEI) is one of the world's premier ophthalmic centers for medical and surgical treatment, research and education. CEI has earned this reputation by embracing innovative technology and exploring new ideas.

CEI’s investigators and research staff have been conducting clinical research for more than 25 years and have participated in over 200 prior research studies. CEI understands the importance of Clinical Research and appreciates the additional treatment options for patients that may otherwise be inaccessible to them. Thousands of patients with eye problems come to CEI each week with the expectation of finding the best solution for their eye care needs. Many travel here from throughout the United States and other countries.

CEI is strategically advancing vision care through Clinical Research. We are leading novel and cutting edge studies to pave the way for tomorrow’s eye care and bring it do our patients today!

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Oculeve Tear Stimulating Device

A subset of research investigators from various sub-specialties along with CEI administrators help guide and oversee the research studies ongoing at CEI and currently scrutinize prospective studies prior to initiation. Of course, all CEI studies also follow stringent national and international standards and are undertaken under the auspices of independent (unaffiliated) Investigational Review Boards as well. For more information, contact the Clinical Research department by calling 513-569-3688 or email at

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