The Hearing Services

Hearing Services You Can Trust

The Hearing Services at CEI brings you the same quality of care we are known for to another important sense in your life. Our goal is to provide you with the best hearing solutions to fit your lifestyle.

From custom-fit to ready-to-wear models, The Hearing Services at CEI brings you hearing solutions with the best in digital clarity, modern design and comfort.

Imagine hassle-free hearing on the phone, ease of hearing in noisy environments and a natural quality sound.

Our Difference


Having your vision and your hearing cared for from the practice you trust and know well… simply makes good sense.


Our approach is designed to provide the very best in hearing and aftercare at an affordable rate. Our goal is to ensure you both save money and never suffer the debilitating effects of untreated hearing loss.

Our system allows us to save you up to 50% off the very best technology. We offer affordable financing plans to meet every budget. We also offer a 90-day, 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Compassionate Patient Care

We help you find the right hearing instrument. We then offer regular hearing wellness check-ups. At these appointments, we will clean your hearing instruments to make sure they are working at maximum performance. We will also inspect your ear canals for wax or other potential problems.

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