CEI Doctors

Cincinnati Eye Institute’s internationally recognized doctors are rated in the top 1%. The CEI team treats more complex and more routine conditions than any other facility or hospital. To learn more about your doctor or search by specialty, use the alphabetical listing and tools on this page.

For more information about any of our doctors, please do not hesitate to call 513-984-5133.

Hisham H. Arar, M.D.

Jason H. Bell, MD, PhD, FACS

Shana Brafman, O.D.

Carl T. Bruce, M.D.

Ehryn B. Cartwright, O.D.

Fred B. Chu, M.D.

John S. Cohen, M.D.

Kevin T. Corcoran, O.D.

William Davis, O.D., M.S.

Alison Early, M.D.

William J. Faulkner, M.D.

Robert E. Foster, M.D.

Gian Paolo Giuliari, M.D.

Karl C. Golnik, M.D.

Robert Goulet III, M.D.

Linda J. Greff, M.D.

Daniel Hagee, O.D., M.S.

Jenny M. Hamilton, M.D.

Laura L. Hanson, M.D.

Michael A. Hater, M.D.

Ginger L. Henson, M.D.

Jessica D. Hildenbrand, O.D.

Erich A. Hinel, O.D., M.S., FAAO

Edward J. Holland, M.D.

Barbara Houde, O.D., M.Sc.

Robert K. Hutchins, M.D.

Adam H. Kaufman, M.D., F.A.C.S.

Anup K. Khatana, M.D.

Stephanie A. Klemencic, O.D., M.S.

Ramesh M. Kode, M.D.

Brian K. Kuhlman, O.D.

Alisha G. Kumar, M.D.

Kenneth A. Lameier, O.D.

Nina Li, O.D.

Luke B. Lindsell, O.D., M.D.

Michael J. Lyons, O.D.

Brian M. Marek, M.D.

Gregory B. Mecoli, M.D.

Daniel M. Miller, M.D., Ph.D.

Jeffrey A. Nerad, M.D.

Michael L. Nordlund, M.D., Ph.D.

Santosh Nuchikat, O.D.

James M. Osher, M.D.

Robert H. Osher, M.D.

Jonathan M. Pargament, M.D.

Ally Pettit, O.D.

Ally Pettit, D.O.

Lorraine M. Provencher, M.D.

Lawrence A. Raymond, M.D.

Christopher D. Riemann, M.D.

Matthew T. Ritter, O.D.

Roxana Y. Rivera, M.D.

Richard R. Roebuck, M.D., F.A.C.S.

Erin Rolfes, O.D., M.S.

Mona S. Saggar, OD

Daniele P. Saltarelli, O.D.

Samantha Schockman, M.D.

Emily R. Shull, O.D.

Robert A. Sisk, M.D.

Kavitha Sivaraman, M.D.

Michael E. Snyder, M.D.

Tom F. Straus, M.D.

Robert L. Strawn, M.D.

Aubrey R. Tirpack, M.D.

Gary A. Varley, M.D.

Basil K. Williams, Jr., M.D.

Mary Beth Yackey, O.D.

Jeffrey M. Zink, M.D.


Hang Pham, M.D

Hang Pham, M.D

Ferdinand Rodriguez, M.D.

Carl Noble, M.D.

Kendall Wannamaker, M.D.

Matthew Denny, M.D.

We have extensive experience in the diagnosis and treatment of refractive disorders. We invite you to contact our office and schedule a consultation with one of our doctors toll free at 1-800-544-5133

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